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Generate additional revenue from clients that are too early for an office, downsizing their office space or looking to expand their business presence across the UK.

10% commission on all sales for first 12 months

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Generate payouts anytime

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The virtual office market is often overlooked and underserved. Simply refer clients that aren't ready for a full time office, want to work remotely or downsize their office and we'll take care of the rest.


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Take a piece of a $1.5b industry

Despite a lack of options, the global virtual office and mailbox industry is worth $1.5b a year.

Earn commission on all sales for 12 months

Earn commission on the monthly agreement that customers sign up for and any additional services they acquire.

Refer clients to your landing page - we'll take care of the rest

Simply send your clients to your unique partner landing page and we'll help sign them up and onboard them.

About virtual offices

Virtual office clients are often an underserved part of the workspace community - we're about to change that.

What is a virtual office

A virtual office is typically a business address with mail handling (mail scanning or forwarding) that can be combined with access to workspace or meeting rooms.

Why sell a virtual office

They are a great starter product for new companies, a profitable new revenue stream and global demand is expected to reach $2.1bn by 2030.

Who uses a virtual office

Virtual offices are used by a range of businesses that include:

New businesses: to keep their home addresses private and to look more professional.

Lawyers and accountants: for managing client mail.

Remote companies: for maintaining a local presence for Google My Business and customers.

National businesses: for expanding and marketing in new locations in the UK.

International businesses: for legal company registration and marketing.


Why trust Floxx?

Floxx was created by two virtual office industry professionals that have experience managing almost 200,000 virtual office clients across 3,000 locations generating over $200M a year.

We understand the global registration requirements, compliance, pricing optimisation and service quality that customers expect.

How does the referral process work?

You'll be invited to create a partner account. Once you add your basic details then we'll generate a landing page for you and a unique tracking code that you can use to refer clients to a virtual office.

You can also flag particular leads in your dashboard and we'll let you know when someone enquiries or signs up.

You can then see an overview of outstanding commission and generate a payout anytime.

What is the referral commission?

We pay 10% commission for the first 12 months of a customer agreement across all products and services a customer purchases.

How do I sign up as a broker?

We are currently inviting specific partners to sign up to our platform. If you'd like to be considered please contact us here